OUR philosophy is developed and updated yearly through consultation with educators, children and families.
One girl holds the steering wheel as two other girls and a boy go for a ride outside in a "car" made of wooden blocks at Geebung Kindy in Brisbane's north. A silver hubcap is the wheel.

In relation to the children, we believe that it is important to:

  • recognise that each child is unique and irrespective of gender, culture or ability, they should be treated with respect and dignity;
  • acknowledge that children come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique strengths, experiences and understandings of their world;
  • form meaningful supportive relationships with children through listening, playing, talking and questioning;
  • support children as individual and social learners, and recognise that play is an essential means through which learning takes place;
  • recognise individual learning styles and encourage children’s active learning partnerships;
  • support, challenge, extend and encourage all children’s learning and development, so that children see themselves as capable, competent and able to meet the challenges, successes and joys of life and learning; and
  • remain committed to child safety and to ensuring that all children are protected from harm.
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In relation to our families, we believe it is important to:

  • acknowledge that families are the children’s first and most influential teachers;
  • build relationships with families that assist them to develop trust, a sense of belonging, reciprocal communication and a partnership, regardless of input;
  • value and recognise diversity; we recognise that each family brings their unique culture, values and beliefs and that acknowledging similarities and differences helps build and strengthen relationships; and
  • recognise that children’s experience and association within the family group is part of their total learning and, therefore, actively support and encourage continued parent involvement including open and reciprocal communication.

Teacher Mrs Leah Murray sits on the floor in her classroom and plays with five of her pupils - two girls and three boys. A blackboard can be seen to the right and wooden toys and blocks to the left and back.
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In relation to the wider community – we believe it is important to:

  • recognise and acknowledge the Turrbal people as the traditional owners of this land; and
  • develop relationships within our community, to utilise specialist services, to share resources and to use community resources to enhance the quality of our education and care; and

In relation to our staff – we believe that we should:

  • respect the different views, beliefs and values each staff member brings with them;
  • acknowledge the personal strengths, professional experiences and diversity each individual staff member brings;
  • promote our strengths and endeavour to improve our professional and pedagogical practice; and
  • promote professionalism, confidentiality, ethical and respectful conduct.

In relation to the curriculum – we believe it is important:

  • that the Early Years Learning Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and the National Quality Standards are imbedded into our daily practice;
  • that we are guided professionally by the Early Childhood Australian Code of Ethics;
  • to continue to support reflective practices, to monitor and evaluate the children’s development and learning, to encourage children’s active involvement in planning, to plan for continuous and ongoing improvement and to share this documentation with families in meaningful ways;
  • to encourage respectful and socially just practices, and advocate for the rights of all children;
  • to recognise, respect and support the contributions and strengths of all members of our community- educators, parents and children;
  • to promote, support and value ongoing professional development and reflective practices; and
  • to support inclusive practice.

In relation to environments – we believe that it is important to provide an environment that:

  • protects and promotes children’s safety, security, health and wellbeing;
  • encourages children to experience, explore, create, observe, question, investigate and discover;
  • supports children’s exploration and understanding of the natural world and the development of sustainable practices;
  • assists children’s preparation for life in a changing world by helping them to develop the skills to listen, negotiate, share, respect, problem solve, think creatively, take risks, resolve conflict, compromise and develop resilience;
  • supports children’s uniqueness while encouraging, supporting and extending their learning, interests, contribution, knowledge, experience and development; and
  • encourages children to be active participants in their own learning; where exploration, discovery, curiosity and play are the main focus and where hands on learning experiences are valued.
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